Mr. Pink, Lewisham, 1999

Victoria Way, Charlton, 1998

Greenwich Park, 1999

Papal emissary and Elvis, Norfolk, 2014

HMQ, Buckingham Palace, November 2001

Vivienne Westwood, London, 1992

Escapologist and 'Viceroy of Versatility' Larry Barnes set to perform Harry Houdini's classic straitjacket escape routine, London 1989. Image 4 of 12

Tom Sharpe, Cambridge, 1992.

Child in a Surrey garden, 1998

Ted Sedman and the longest moustache in Britain, 1997

Place-setter, St George's Hall, Windsor Castle, 1991

Derby Day, Epsom, 1991

Muslim girls crossing Sidney Street, Whitechapel, 2010.

The Table, Norfolk, 2014

Selected frames: Colour

English Stories © David Secombe

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