Pig mask, Cornwall, 1978

Schoolboys, Leatherhead, 1978

London Zoo, Easter weekend, 1979

Barn consultation, North Yorkshire, 1990

Barry getting stern with Willie in Willie's kitchen, North Yorkshire, 1990

Fred and friend

Fred amidst the wreckage

French waiter, Belgo, Camden Town, 1991.

Sir David Hannay, British Permanent Representative to the United Nations, during a private press briefing in the offices of the British Mission to the UN, New York, 1993

Mitch and Jiggy, galley, 2 a.m.

Passing Bishop's Rock

Michael Bentine, Surrey, 1989

Royal Opera Chorus soprano Jane Mitchell waiting for her cue in the wings during the first night of the ROH's 1993-4 season production of Massenet's 'Cherubim', February 1994

Viviana Durante, Royal Opera House, 1994.

Selected frames: Black & White

English Stories © David Secombe

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