HMQ, Buckingham Palace, 2001

Vivienne Westwood, London, 1992

Tom Sharpe, Cambridge, 1992

Ted Sedman and the longest moustache in Britain, Surrey, 1998

Michael Bentine, Surrey, 1989

Tim Andrews, Surrey, 2009

Joanna Trollope, Gloucestershire, 1994

Yolande Palfrey, Chiswick House, 1987

Stevie Starr, re-gurgitator, London, 1990

Militaria collector, Old Kent Rd., 2002

Laszlo Karolyi, Fulham, 1992

Sandy Saunders, GP and member of the 'Guinea Pig Club' of WW2 airmen whose faces were re-built by surgeon Archibald McIndoe, in his Nottingham surgery, 1989.

'From Warehouse to My House': Clapton 2002

'From Warehouse to My House': Maida Vale, 2002.

Miles Richardson, Camden, 2004

Singer, writer and film director Johnny Daukes in a cafe in Brockley, south London, 2009

Geoffrey Freshwater and Gordon Ridout, Charlton House, London, 2007

Marketa Luskacova, Notting Hill, 2014

Michael Horovitz, London, 2014

Jeremy Paxman, Dannie Abse, Helen Mort: Forward Poetry Prize judges 2014.

Miles Jupp, Wales, 2015.



Fred Abbott, Margate, 2015.

English Stories © David Secombe

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