Passing Bishop's Rock.

Mitch and Jiggy, galley, 2 a.m.

Mitch suits up.

Dropping the catch, Irish Sea.

Gutting the catch, Irish Sea.

Roger in his bunk, Newlyn Harbour.

Polite notice on trawler's toilet door.

Approaching Dunmore East.

Throwing the line, St Mary's.

Roger shaving in the galley, Newlyn Harbour.

Roger, Newlyn Harbour.

Settling up, Newlyn.

Skipper Roger Nowell banters with his crew from the wheelhouse, Newlyn.

Jimmy Madron in his kitchen, Mousehole.

Trawler leaving St. Mary's,  Scilly Isles


Newlyn fishermen


Client: BBC

Producer: Jeremy Mills

English Stories © David Secombe

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