Outside Settle, Yorkshire.

Barry in his study, Settle.

Dr. Brewster and patient.

Dr. Brester and young patient, Yorkshire, 1990.

Dr.Brewster on his way to a home visit, Yorkshire, 1990

Home visit.

Willie in his barn.

Barn consultation.

Willie under examination.

Barry getting stern with Willie in Willie's kitchen.

Ear inspection.

On doorstep.

Colin in his bathroom.

Home visit.

Frank's wife Audrey tells Dr Brewster that she wants her terminally-ill husband Frank to stay at home rather than die hospital.

Dr. Barry Brewster and Frank.

Dr. Brewster on a home visit. North Yorkshire, 1990

Frank's wife Audrey and daughter Fiona at Frank's funeral.

The Doctor

Dr. Barry Brewster, Yorkshire GP


Client: BBC

Producer: Jeremy Mills

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